My bread and butter.  I primarily create guide videos for the Forza series, but often cover other racing games as well!


I build cars in real life too!  Follow my Supra build, as well as my Element camper build!


I'm on a mission to review every single car in the Forza series.  I long could it take? ;)


Hey everyone!  I'm Rob, a car enthusiast both in video games and in the real world.  In video games, I am traditionally a variety gamer playing everything from classic MMOs to modern AAA shooters.  I have played the Forza franchise ever since I was young, but when Forza Horizon 3 released on the PC, everything clicked and I fell in love with the franchise.  I now primarily create guide videos on these games. 

In real life, I have always been fascinated by cars and car culture, first with Italian exotics, but as I grew older I fell in love with older Japanese styling.  My first car was an '05 Subaru Impreza and I've been a Subaru fan ever since, even though I currently own a Toyota and Honda as well.  I have owned a variety of different cars over years but one thing remains constant, I modify them all.  I have limited experience in rally racing, competing in a handful of local endurance rally events with a couple different Subarus.  I have also entered a handful of drifting and autocross events during the summers over the past 8 years, and if I'm not there to race, I'm there to watch and cheer on my friends!  I grew up learning to drive with my cousin (DabSedan) in offroad go-karts at my family's farm, and at prokarting facilities in my area.  My wife and I met over cars, and our first date was going drifting in my old Subaru RS, she has supported my crazy hobby for over 8 years and has a pretty cool Subaru herself!

My trip to Japan with my fiance, we drove this R33 for the whole journey, taking it from Central Tokyo to the mountain passes of Mt. Fuji