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My bread and butter.  I primarily create guide videos for the Forza series, but often cover other racing games as well!


I build cars in real life too!  Follow my Supra build, as well as my Element camper build!


I'm on a mission to review every single car in the Forza series.  I long could it take? ;)



Where does the name "HokiHoshi" come from?

In 2012 I was looking for a new name for a character in Guild Wars 2. I like to theme my names in video games after my hobbies/interests, and for this name I was looking for Japanese astronomy terms as I'm an avid amateur astronomer and big fan of Japanese cars!  I came across "Hōkiboshi" - an old Japanese term for the Pleiades star cluster.  When you split the term into two words it becomes "Hoki"meaning brush - and "Hoshi" meaning star, and means more literally "brush strokes of stars".  Taking it further, the modern Japanese word for Pleiades is "Subaru" and...yes you guessed it, that star cluster is what the Subaru car brand is named after.  So this term "Hoki" "Hoshi" blended my love of astronomy, cars, and Japan into one name that I thought had a nice ring to it.  The name stuck and I eventually began to use it across all of my social media moving forward.

The Subaru logo with it's (and my) namesake behind it in the sky.  This photo was taken in FH5 which uses accurate skyboxes with real stars!

Are you a full-time content creator?

As of 2022, yes! I worked in construction for ~6 years but have slowly been able to pull away from it to focus further on content creation and finally stepped away fully from my construction job in the summer of 2022. However, later that same year my amazing daughter was born, and I now take care of her as a stay at home dad - while trying to edit videos during her naps :D

What is your setup? (PC/Stream/Sim Rig)


Here is the battlestation!  I use a dual PC setup with an Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 Capture Card.  My mic is an AT2035 hooked up to an Elgato LP arm.  I use a GoXLR Mini, as well as 2 Stream Decks to control my livestream.  My primary monitor is a Samsung Odyssey G9, and the top left monitor is on an HDMI switch that can display either my main 'gaming' PC, or my Stream PC.  I only use one mouse/keyboard between the two computers. Off to the side you can see my VR headset stand, and the corner of my sim rig which I pull around to replace my Secretlab Titan for sim racing streams.  I currently use a Canon EOS Rebel T5 as my webcam.  Under the desk lives my consoles - a PS5, Series S, One, and 360 - all of which can be switched to display on my center screen with an HDMI switch hub. 


About the Supra:

A few years ago I decided to sell my fun cars and get out of the "car game"... and then I bought a Supra. 

I had sold my Impreza and 240sx and wasn't looking for a new car, but did occasionally browse the internet "just to see what was out there." One day, a black MK3 Supra appeared. I had never paid much attention to the A70 and didn't know much about them but I was interested in maybe driving one, so I reached out to the seller making it clear that I likely wouldn't be purchasing the car, just that I wanted to know more about them and maybe take it for a spin. He agreed and was incredibly nice and helpful, even putting the car up on a lift to let me inspect the underside. The first time I hit the gas on the test drive, I knew I had to have it. It pulled like nothing I had ever driven and I was hooked. What money I had saved by selling my other cars went right into buying this. 

I've owned the car since 2018 and it is now in the process of a full engine swap and rebuild. The 7mgte was great and pulled hard, but it was time for an upgrade. Now installed in the bay is a 1JZ VVT-i taken from a JZX110 in Japan. I'm hoping to get it back onto the track soon for some road racing!



I'm Hoki (Rob), a huge car nerd both in video games and the real world. I love games from all genres but have always had a special love for racing and have been playing the Forza, NFS and Gran Turismo franchises since their inception. In 2016 I fell in love with Playground's newest release - Forza Horizon 3, and it became the start of my YouTube channel. I now primarily create content on the Forza franchise, but also branch out into any other racing game that interests me!

In real life I have always been fascinated by car culture, first with Italian exotics, but as I grew up I fell in love with old school Japanese styling. My first car was an Impreza RS and I've been a Subaru fan ever since, even though I currently own a Toyota & Honda! I have owned a variety of different cars over years but one thing remains constant, I modify them all. I have limited experience in rally racing, competing in a handful of local endurance rally events with a couple different Subarus, and have also entered a handful of drifting and autocross events over the past 8 years. If I'm not there to race, I'm there to watch and cheer on my friends! My wife and I met over cars and she has supported my crazy hobby for over 10 years!

My trip to Japan with my wife, we drove this R33 for the whole journey, taking it from Central Tokyo to the mountain passes of Mt. Fuji
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