My bread and butter.  I primarily create guide videos for the Forza series, but often cover other racing games as well!


I build cars in real life too!  Follow my Supra build, as well as my Element camper build!


I'm on a mission to review every single car in the Forza series.  I long could it take? ;)


Hey everyone!  I'm Rob, a car enthusiast both in video games and in the real world.  In video games, I am traditionally a variety gamer playing everything from classic MMOs to modern AAA shooters.  I have played the Forza franchise ever since I was young, but when Forza Horizon 3 released on the PC, everything clicked and I fell in love with the franchise all over again.  I now primarily create guide videos on these games. 

In real life, I have always been fascinated by cars and car culture, first with Italian exotics, but as I grew older I fell in love with older Japanese styling.  My first car was an '05 Subaru Impreza and I've been a Subaru fan ever since, even though I currently own a Toyota and Honda as well.  I have owned a variety of different cars over years but one thing remains constant, I modify them all.  I have limited experience in rally racing, competing in a handful of local endurance rally events with a couple different Subarus.  I have also entered a handful of drifting and autocross events over the past 8 years, and if I'm not there to race, I'm there to watch and cheer on my friends!  I grew up learning to drive with my cousin (DabSedan) in offroad go-karts at my family cabin, and at prokarting facilities in my area.  My wife and I met over cars, and our first date was going drifting in my old Subaru RS, she has supported my crazy hobby for over 10 years and has a pretty cool Subaru herself!

My trip to Japan with my fiance, we drove this R33 for the whole journey, taking it from Central Tokyo to the mountain passes of Mt. Fuji



Where does the name "HokiHoshi" come from?

I've had many screen-names and gamertags growing up, but in 2012 I was looking for a new name for a character in Guild Wars 2.  I like to theme my names in video games after my hobbies/interests in real life, and for this name I was looking for Japanese astronomy terms as I'm an avid amateur astronomer and big fan of Japanese cars!  I came across"Hōkiboshi"- an old Japanese term for the Pleiades star cluster.  When you split the term into two words it becomes "Hoki"meaning brush - and "Hoshi" meaning star, and means more literally "brush strokes of stars".  Taking it further, the modern Japanese word for Pleiades is "Subaru"!  And...yes you guessed it, that star cluster is what the Subaru car brand is named after!  So this term "Hoki" "Hoshi" blended my love of astronomy, cars, and Japan into one poetic term that, I thought, had a nice ring to it.  The name stuck and I eventually began to use it across all of my social media moving forward!

The Subaru logo with it's (and my) namesake behind it in the sky!  This photo was taken in FH5 which uses accurate skyboxes with real stars!

Are you a full-time content creator?

Not yet!  I currently also work a day job in interior remodeling, focusing on kitchen and bath remodels.  I've worked in construction for ~5 years now and work alongside a handful of close friends!  It's been a great job and although I am slowly pulling away from it to focus further on content creation, I don't think I'll ever fully quit.  Its a great excuse to get out of the house and chat with friends, work with my hands and practice my skills! 

Most of my content creation focus was originally on YouTube guide videos and I could work late nights after coming home from my day job, but I have now starting on livestreaming on Twitch and as such, have had to pull away from my "day job" in order to maintain a regular streaming schedule. My ultimate content end goal is to be able to stream ~3 days/week as well as being able to produce 1-2 videos/week. 

What cars do you own/have you owned?

I recently sold my last Subaru and am now down to two cars.  A 2009 Honda Element EX AWD, and a 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo.


'09 Honda Element

My wife and I are avid campers/outdoorsy folk, and this car purchase stems directly from that.  I was looking for a car that I could daily drive while also being able to sleep inside of comfortably on camping trips.  The Element was the perfect choice.  Many people choose the Element as a micro "camper conversion" - and some people even live out of them!

The rear end of my Element was gutted out and now houses a full, transformable bed platform that is able to transform in seconds into two benches when not in "bed mode".  Underneath the platform is the main storage: 5 gallons of water, food storage/cooktop, and a three-cube slide out storage bin.  There's also plenty of space under the front of the platform for personal bags, camping chairs, etc!

This car has taken my wife, dogs, and myself on many adventures and I hope to keep it for many years to come!


'91 Toyota Supra

A few years ago I decided to sell my fun cars and get out of the "car game"... and then I bought a Supra. 

This car was not a purchase I really intended to make!  I had sold my Impreza and my 240 and wasn't looking for a new car, but did occasionally browse the internet "just to see what was out there."  One day, a black MK3 Supra appeared.  I had never really paid attention to these and didn't know much about them but I was interested in maybe driving one, so I reached out to the seller making it clear that I likely wouldn't be purchasing the car, just that I wanted to know more about them and maybe drive it.  He agreed, and was incredibly nice and helpful, even putting the car up on a lift to let me inspect the underside.  The first time I hit the gas on the test drive, I knew I had to have it.  It pulled like nothing I had ever driven and I was hooked.  What money I had saved by selling my other cars, went right into buying this. 

I've owned the car since 2018 and it is now in the process of a full engine swap and rebuild.  The 7mgte was great and pulled hard, but it was time for an upgrade.  Now installed in the bay is a 1JZ VVT-i taken from a JZX110 in Japan.  It has yet to fully see the light of day but it does run and will be back on the roads soon!


Previous Cars

I've owned a few other fun cars in the past as well!

-1998 Subaru Impreza RS

-2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

-1990 Nissan 240sx "Onevia"

-2002 Subaru Outback Sedan H6 3.0